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Chef Chatter Roundup: Top chefs dish on the latest restaurant industry trends

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CALLING ALL CHEFS! Chef Chatter is a series featuring chefs-authored blogs. If you’d like to write a Chef Chatter blog, send your idea to

Chef Chatter: Vegas chef on what’s hot for 2019
Shaun King, the executive chef at Momofuku Las Vegas, predicts 2019 menu trends. READ MORE »

Chef Chatter: How to transform yourself into a ‘business chef’
Making and keeping your franchise popular, relevant and unforgettable are certain keys to success that you must consider in great depth. Executive chef of Taboonette Efraim Naon gives the key strategies to keeping your brand on point, as well as your chef mindset. READ MORE »

Chef Chatter: How to deliver on new hospitality demands
Matt Harding, executive head chef, Piada Italian Street Food, talks about the importance of take out, and his experience within the food industry to back up the simple facts of profitability that comes with carry out. READ MORE »

Chef Chatter: Customers want more variety in coffee
Fredrick Heurtin talks about the influences and profitability of coffee in the fast casual industry. READ MORE »

Chef Chatter: Why you should embrace the ‘Fair Kitchens movement’
Unilever Food Solutions is trying to create Fair Kitchens by driving change in the restaurant industry. Through partnering with chefs across the industry, such as Michael Gulotta, the FairKitchens movement seeks to stamp out the abusive and destructive culture of the past through solutions created by chefs, for chefs. READ MORE »

Chef Chatter: Why pasta makes the perfect fast casual dish
Pino Luongo, owner and chef of Coco Pazzo, explains how in contemporary America, where price and quick service are prized above all and consumers demand quality and fast service in a casual setting, pasta can play a dominant role. READ MORE »

Chef Chatter: How 1 chef relies on empathy to connect with team
Dan Stoller, senior R&D Chef, The Culinary Edge, discusses why being empathetic is an important to being a good chef and leader. READ MORE »

If you want to know what’s on the cusp of menu and foodservice trends, the people to ask are restaurant chefs who are creating new and exciting dishes every day. Join us at the Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit to hear talented chefs discuss what’s coming next on the restaurant scene during the session, Ask a Chef.  Register here.  

Republished with permission from FastCasual

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