How to Navigate Your Franchise Through Today’s Choppy Retail Waters

Steering the ship of a thriving franchising business is quite a challenge, but Matthew Kirby has prevailed by getting creative with his business model and menu offerings.

In his closing keynote, the CEO of Chozen Noodle and Chow Asian Kitchen, will talk about how he overcame challenges while guiding his businesses into a variety of retail formats, including shopping centers, motorway stations and stand-alone units.

Kirby will not only offer his business advice and tips but will show attendees how to sail through the unpredictable storms that often emerge on the voyage to becoming a captain of the franchising industry.


Matthew Kirby | CEO | Chozen Noodle & Chow Asian Kitchen

Matthew Kirby leased his first pub from Inntrepreneur in 1990, which was then followed by a move into the restaurant business when he started the Mongolian Barbeque chain in London. This soon became an International based business which saw him relocate to the USA as the business grew to over 40 outlets around the world. In 2007, he returned home and started the UK branch of Fishbowl Marketing. In 2012, he returned to full time hospitality operations founding the Chozen Holdings Group, which operates the Chozen Noodle and Chow Asian Kitchen brands and has a total of 40 locations across the UK. including both franchise and owner operations.

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