How to Alleviate the Stress of Growth on your Marketing Team

Although opening new locations is always a top goal of any brand, entering a high-growth period creates a lot of strain on support staff. The marketing division, specifically, is often stretched too thin as adding locations means increasing marketing collateral, consideration of delivery of those materials to each location and the need for localized offers.

This panel will address methods of simplifying the marketing supply chain, empowering franchisees with localized marketing materials and encouraging franchisees to use marketing materials more frequently and effectively. It’s not just about making things easier, it’s about getting you and your team back to your core function and realizing the value of your time.


Allen Arnn | Director of Operations Services | Nothing Bundt Cakes

“Making things run like clockwork” is always the goal of Allen Arnn, Director of Operations Services for Nothing Bundt Cakes. Coming from a background in process engineering, he has implemented numerous technical and functional systems and created extensive processes to help propel the company’s growth from 17 bakeries in 2010 to more than 240 bakeries today. Today, Allen’s team heads up internal communications and technology-based services for the Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise community and project management for new brand initiatives.

Sean Kennedy | President | Cowboy Chicken

Sean Kennedy is President of Cowboy Chicken, a system named by Forbes as one of 5 Little Restaurant Chains to buy Into in 2012. Sean and his team take their customers’ trust and security very seriously and have come up with some ways to attack the problem of identity theft and credit card security head on. They are also breaking just about every norm when it comes to serving southern chicken.

Scott Taylor | President | Walk-Ons

Scott Taylor has served as our Chief Operating Officer since our formation on July 23, 2014. Scott has served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Walk-On’s Enterprises Operations, LLC since December 2010, Walk-On’s Enterprises Holdings, LLC since its formation in January 2014, Walk-On’s Enterprises IP, LLC since its formation in January 2014, and Walk-On’s Enterprises Marketing, LLC since its formation in April 2015. During his tenure, Scott has led the organization in systemization of all brands, successful partner buyout and the investment and buy in of Drew Brees in May 2015.


Kathi Woolsey | Director of Business Development | Visualogistix

With a passion for helping clients find innovative ways to distinguish themselves from the competition, Kathi Woolsey has spent the last 25+ years in the marketing communications industry with a primary focus on marketing supply chain management, advertising production services, integrated and cross-channel marketing program development and learning technologies. Kathi is fascinated with the convergence of the ever-expanding mediums and passionate about ways to utilize them to improve targeted marketing efforts which deliver results. Her wide network of customers has led to key partnerships with Fortune 1000 Manufacturers, Retailers and Corporate Advertisers.

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