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VIDEO: Pizza Inn franchisee claims franchisor relationships are key for tech success

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With new technologies, Daven Acker, a franchisee of Pizza Inn, knows “It’s always a challenge,” in an interview with Tim Tang, director of enterprise solutions, at Hughes, a digital signage provider, during the 2018 Restaurant Franchising Innovation Summit.

Acker said that “Franchisors are always looking to spend our money.” In order to handle this issue, Acker uses the Pizza Franchise Association that communicates with the main franchisor about new technologies and how to properly test them and roll them out.

Prior to this, Acker mentioned how previously the franchisor would often tell the franchisee to buy certain pieces of equipment, such as a POS. A lot of times, the project would fall apart, and some stores went out of business.

Once they started to work more closely together, they saw “some small wins,” Acker said. Tang emphasized that franchisees and franchisors need to have a good level of trust and reasonable expectations for a project. “It’s not just a technology matter, it’s a people matter,” Tang said.

“Communication isn’t just talking, it’s figuring out how to get them to listen,” Acker said. “There’s no silver bullet for that.”

Acker emphasized that every franchisee and franchisor needs to find the way to connect with individual managers and employees.

When dealing with changes, such as technology, Acker argued that franchisees and franchisors should expect mistakes and take baby steps, and they should work together with a variety of innovations.

One way he recommended they do this is by the franchisor and franchisee each going in 50 percent on individual projects, or for one party to pay for the project if the other isn’t completely on board.

Republished with permission from FastCasual.

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