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RFIS attendees to learn about ‘What Danny Meyer never told you,’ the blockchain, rise of conscious eating’

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Understanding that time is money and knowledge is power are the prime reasons that the Restaurant Franchising and Innovation Summit is hosting an hour-long session featuring four mini thought-provoking talks, said Cherryh Cansler, VP of Editorial, Networld Media Group, the event producer.

“This was modeled after TedTalks because we know our attendees want to learn as much as possible when they come to events,” she said. “We respect their time and always want to deliver talks that can help them grow their businesses.”

The session, which is part of the three-day event March 11-13 in Louisville, kicks off with Susie Fogelson, former Food Network and Cooking Channel Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand Strategy, who founded F&Co. Her 15-minute talk — “The Flattening of the Restaurant Landscape and the Rise of Conscious Eating” — discusses how culinary brands can drive their bottom lines while working to make the world a better place.

“The restaurant landscape has changed; lines between restaurant formats are blurred,” she said. “Delicious and convenient are prices of entry. Brands must find new ways to differentiate themselves to remain relevant. Taking cues from other industries, social consciousness has surfaced as a way to attract and sustain relationships with today’s more informed consumer”

Other speakers included:

  • Frank Klein, founder and CEO of  Asian Box, who will give a talk called, “What Danny Meyer Never Told You About the Restaurant Business.”
  • Ray Wiley, CEO of Hot Head Burritos & Rapid Fired Pizza, who will chat about “What in the World is Blockchain and Why Does It Matter to My Restaurant?”
  • Tracey Fullington, national account manager, Essity North America, will discuss the “Drive-Thru of the Future.”

The summit features a variety of speakers including executives from Papa John’s, Taco Bell, Wingzone, Fazoli’s, Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr., Schlotzsky’s, Dickey’s Barbecue and many more.

Register here.

Republished with permission from FastCasual.

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