WEDNESDAY / MARCH 30, 2016 / 12:00 PM

Eradicating the inefficiencies that needlessly cost operators millions per year

New technology is exposing the true cost of owning and operating food service equipment. It’s revealing the fact that great inefficiencies, caused by a fragmented industry using disparate systems—among other factors—are needlessly costing the industry tens, maybe even hundreds of millions every year. Fortunately, that same technology is also making it possible for chains to do something about it and put at least that much back to the bottom line where it belongs. In this session attendees will learn how they, with little to no investment, can reverse this trend, and increase the health of their business along with the reliability, longevity and overall ROI they receive from the equipment they rely on each and every day.


Gary Meehan | CEO | QiCode

Gary Meehan, CEO of QiCode (key-kode) is a serial entrepreneur who for the past 25 years has worked in the foodservice industry as a strategic marketing and digital technology consultant for leading manufacturers, service providers and chains. A strong advocate for ‘the end customer we all serve’, Gary views technology as a ‘force for good’ that can be used to increase collaboration and seriously reduce complexity and cost for every stakeholder in the industry.

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