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Botrista provides automated craft beverage solutions to foodservice operators. Operators can increase ticket size and add a new beverage category to their menu without the operational complexities. The DrinkBot platform allows operators to subscribe to world-class quality from the leading ingredient manufacturers that they partner with. The vision is to make any staff member a professional barista or bartender with a DrinkBot.
Budderfly is ranked as one of the fastest-growing Energy as a Service (EaaS) companies in the United States. Budderfly installs, monitors, and manages a combination of patented technologies, equipment upgrades, and proprietary energy software for its customers at no out-of-pocket cost. Businesses benefit from lower energy bills, a reduced carbon footprint, more reliable operations, and an improved customer and employee experience.
Chatmeter is the brand intelligence company reimagining customer connections and reputation management through AI-powered deep listening. We make it easy for multi-location brands to drive real-time impact through relevant insights in critical moments that matter. Chatmeter understands the challenges of multi-location, and omnichannel reputation management, and has created a scaled platform that enables end-to-end visibility for everyone, from local owners to executive leadership.
DSA Signage is a leading manufacturer of visual display solutions with 50 years of experience in accentuating brands. DSA develops illuminated static and digital signage solutions by partnering with leading brands to create exceptional visual experiences. DSA’s fully in-house capabilities include assessment, concepting, design, prototyping, engineering, fabrication, content management and technology integration. Product lines include drive-thru menu boards, interactive kiosks and light boxes.
Flywire (Nasdaq: FLYW) is a global payments enablement and software company. Flywire combines its proprietary global payments network, next-gen payments platform and vertical-specific software to deliver the most important and complex payments for clients and their customers. With Flywire, franchisors have a better way to manage global receivables in a single source solution that enables franchise growth, reduces fee and strengthens franchisee relationships.
SMG is a leading experience management (XM) provider, accelerating value by changing how brands act on customer + employee insights. With a rich 30-year history rooted in The Service Profit Chain, SMG is the industry’s only software with a service (SwaS) provider—uniquely pairing an enterprise platform with professional services to help brands generate new revenue, grow existing revenue, reduce churn + detractors, and drive operational efficiencies. To learn more visit
TikTok is THE destination for mobile videos. On TikTok, short-form videos are exciting, spontaneous, and genuine - there’s something for everyone. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, skip what you don’t, and you’ll find an endless stream of short videos that feel personalized just for you. We make it easy for you to discover and create your own original videos by providing easy-to-use tools to view and capture your daily moments. Take your videos to the next level!
TouchTunes is the largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform, with its digital jukeboxes and popular mobile app featured in more than 65,000 restaurants, bars, breweries, and other social venues across North America. TouchTunes offers innovative music solutions for national and regional chains that enhance the brand experience and customer loyalty. Check out our fully licensed music solution and learn more about our personalized, expert support for your unique brand.


Bikky is a customer data platform for multi-location restaurants. We help brands like Dave's Hot Chicken, Krystal, and Eggs Up Grill use customer data to understand the success of every marketing, menu, and operational decision. Brands on Bikky see double-digit same store sales increases after launch, driven by better decisions that improve profitability and the customer experience.
Contentful is the intelligent composable content platform that unlocks all of an organization’s digital content to deliver impactful customer experiences, making content a strategic business asset. Contentful combines the flexibility of composable content with the intelligence of AI, empowering digital teams to drive business momentum through collaboration, speed, and scale. Contentful powers innovative content experiences across brands worldwide, including nearly 30% of the Fortune 500.
Datawrkz empowers the food service industry with fuss-free solutions that drive advertising results across Connected TV, Display, Search, Social, Audio, Hyperlocal and Native advertising platforms. With expertise hard-won from a large number of successful projects delivered for full-service, fast-casual, and quick-service restaurants, we get the industry. From increase in revenue to new store openings to customer loyalty, we deliver extraordinary bottom-line outcomes, no matter your advertising objective.
Instacart Business offers a suite of products dedicated to helping businesses and restaurants save time, save money, and stay focused. From stocking up on snacks in the office break room, getting last-minute ingredients delivered to a family-owned restaurant same-day, supplementing supply chain gaps and more - our affordable, convenient and flexible marketplace and technology connects businesses to the retailers that they know and love but with new updates tailor-made for business purchasing.
Instant Financial offers the industry’s easiest, fastest and safest way to pay your employees their tips, all without the burden of fees. With Instant, you can reduce the cost of carrying cash, increase employee safety and reduce turnover. Every year, Instant moves over $1 billion in tips to employees of America’s leading brands - let us do the same for you. Learn more at is software for growth-oriented restaurants that saves hours of work, creates consistent processes, and empowers restaurants to control labor and food costs through easy-to-use automation. pulls your historical data and factors in external variables to create forecasts within a 10% variance, usually much less. Schedules are built from scratch, copied over, or will automatically generate them. Managers review, make any necessary changes, and deploy from the app.
Loop, is a pioneering SaaS provider specializing in maximizing profitability and operational excellence for restaurants in the 3rd party delivery space. By addressing critical pain points such as financial reconciliation & bookkeeping, sales tax & franchise fee liability, real-time store availability management, and marketing optimization, LoopAI offers a comprehensive suite designed to elevate the customer experience and financial outcomes for its partners.
Opus is the restaurant training platform purpose-built for the frontline. Equip franchisees to maximize their operations with the most accessible training technology. Franchisors like Shipley Do-Nuts, Ford's Garage, and Big Chicken use Opus to deliver training via mobile in 100+ languages automatically. Reduce franchisee burden. Optimize floor time. Get frontline business intelligence.
Voted the #1 guest feedback platform in a nationwide survey, Ovation uses a 2-question SMS-based survey as a Digital Table Touch™ that has redefined guest feedback. Through frictionless integrations with online ordering platforms and other tools, Ovation allows restaurants to easily resolve guest concerns in real-time, get more 5-star reviews, discover insights to improve, and drive revenue. To learn more, visit or email is the most advanced location analytics platform describing physical locations, the people and businesses that interact with them, and the markets they inhabit. Placer empowers restaurant professionals to inform real estate decision making like expansion and lease negotiations, analyze consumers to enhance marketing and merchandising, and understand market trends for benchmarking and operational improvements.
Schoox is workplace learning software with a people-first twist. It makes learning and career development easy, accessible, rewarding, and fun, so whatever your learners need to know just “clicks”. For over a decade, Schoox has helped hundreds of restaurants such as Subway, Five Guys, Tropical Smoothie Café and Checkers & Rally’s manage training, track activity, keep team members engaged, and measure results. Deliver training that's as fast and flexible as your service with Schoox.
Square for Franchises is the central hub for all your operations. Our integrated POS system lets you control every interaction a customer has at any of your locations, while making sure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly.
USIM partners with restaurant brands to move their businesses Forward. Our modern media model employs custom-built, proprietary tools and processes for the restaurant industry's unique needs to provide a competitive edge in navigating the shifts in consumer attention and consumption behaviors, economic uncertainty, changes in privacy regulations, and intensifying competition. USIM helps brands better reach, engage, and trigger action with consumers to optimize KPIs and achieve greater ROAS.
vPromos has patented an automated loyalty system that ties the credit card to a phone #, so users never have to enter a phone number after they've initially joined. The credit card is recognized after the first use and then the program is entirely seamless and automated for the consumer and the merchant after that. The terminal simply recognizes the credit card and tracks the purchase. No need to ask for an app, QR code or to ask for phone number ever again.


Increase sales, save time, decrease errors and deliver better with Otter. An all-in-one solution helps you take control of your delivery data across platforms by aggregating delivery and online channels in one tablet or in an integrated POS. Integrations with hundreds of online and delivery ordering platforms and restaurant tech tools enable unparalleled order aggregation, automation, and data reporting in Otter: ensuring restaurants succeed in an omnichannel world by increasing sales and efficiencies.
Peblla is a surging digital transformation partner providing branded ordering apps, self-ordering kiosks, and streamlined online ordering all within one portal. Foster loyalty with a customizable program, drive promotions with our digital suite, and uncover insights via advanced analytics. Enhance customer experience and accelerate growth.
Founded in Kansas City 25 years ago, Rosnet provides top notch restaurant data analytics and services everything from QSR to fine dining. Rosnet’s comprehensive platform utilizes dashboards to illustrate data specific to employee management, food management, and comprehensive financials. Our reporting solution allows restaurant operators to see their data how they want it and when they want it through hundreds of metrics, allowing for an accurate pulse of their business from anywhere.
Reduce interview no-shows, automate hiring follow-ups, and digitize onboarding paperwork with Workstream, the platform for hiring and retaining the hourly workforce.


CONVX RHO Stack is the managed cloud data platform for restaurants. Your competitive advantage comes from insights and efficiencies fueled by data from everywhere. Our professionally managed data and cloud infrastructure seamlessly integrates all your systems into your data warehouse. CONVX unlocks your growth and profitability with AI, analytics, custom apps, and IT automation built on our industry-leading cloud data platform.
At Evocalize, we’re leading the charge to make complex, sophisticated digital marketing push-button easy for franchisees. Our industry-leading technology integrates the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, including generative AI, to give franchisors and enterprises intelligent tools to empower their local teams to get the most from their digital marketing efforts — no matter how much marketing experience they have.
Hang is the next generation brand loyalty & membership platform. By harnessing personalization, gamification, and its expansive omnichannel integrations ecosystem, Hang provides brands with a radically new type of loyalty experience for their customers.
Since 2010, InMarket has been a leader in 360-degree consumer intelligence and real-time marketing for thousands of major brands. Through InMarket’s data-driven, location-based advertising suite, brands activate real-time digital advertising in the moments that matter, generating powerful results that outperform traditional digital advertising by 6x.
Savi is the cloud-first video platform for modern operators, designed to streamline access to video, optimize physical operations, and grow profitability. Savi’s product suite delivers a unified platform by unifying surveillance, POS, security, and other IoT data into one platform to save time and increase profitability. Savi’s cloud architecture allows operators to adopt new technologies and advancements without needing to change onsite infrastructure.


ACE Mystery Shopping understands that fast-growing restaurant brands often struggle with consistency across multiple locations. Our shoppers offer critical insights into your operations, ensuring that each location aligns with your brand's standards. Our commitment is to help guarantee that guests receive a consistent, quality experience at any of your locations, in every city they visit. We will help you grow your brand with confidence.
Our comprehensive marketing supply chain programs help franchise communities and multi-location businesses scale rapidly, save money, and better manage their promotional products, signage, apparel, POP kits, and marketing collateral. When you partner with Clayton Kendall, you’ll gain economies of scale, save time, and maintain brand compliance as well as brand consistency with our integrated marketing supply chain management solution.
CloudKitchens is the world’s largest provider of ghost kitchens with over 5,000 kitchens actively cooking in 400 facilities across 30 countries. Located in dense urban cores, our facilities are optimized for off-premises sales (delivery, takeout, walkup) with built-out commercial kitchens for franchisees and corporate operators. Established and emerging brands alike are leveraging CloudKitchens to fast track development of whitespace opportunities in existing and new markets.
When Tech meets Wellness! CUBO is not only the first Pod based, self-cleaning, wellness beverage station enabling all functional beverages—such as enhanced juices, protein shakes, hot/cold energizing lattes, and meal replacement soups—to be ready in less than 2 minutes at the touch of a button. It's also a strong incremental revenue generator providing consistent Wellness beverages without any additional labor costs and/or shrink! Check it out:
Freezing Point makes it easy and investment-free for operators to launch and scale new frozen beverages that meet consumer demands and capitalize on growing trends in slush and frozen coffee. We provide best-in-class equipment, paired with industry-leading service and support through our innovative Fraznet platform and IoT-connected machines to maximize uptime and profits. We are makers of award-winning Frazil and Café Tango product lines served in 22,000 locations nationwide and growing.
IPConfigure elevates security for global franchises with user-friendly, scalable camera management software. View and manage cameras (from any non-proprietary brand) from any browser-enabled device. Proven benefits: higher adoption, reduced losses, improved efficiency, and tailored functionality. Let's discuss collaborating!
Momos is the first platform that allows you to consolidate all of your guest support and feedback channels into one consolidated platform. Track, respond, analyze all of your guest interactions from one place, boost your SEO/search rank, recover more guests, build more brand loyalty + engagement, and quickly learn about what is or isn't working across your brand and locations to maintain operational excellence.
PepsiCo Foodservice leverages the best of PepsiCo to drive what is next with food and beverage experiences. We strive to build a competitive advantage for our customers with proprietary consumer insights, best-in-class service and equipment, world-class marketing, and an unparalleled portfolio led by Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, Lipton Iced Tea, Aquafina, Lay’s, Doritos, Gatorade, Quaker, and Tropicana.
Prefix increases restaurant facility uptime. The only R&M software powered by AI, our maintenance tracking, vendor management, and employee empowerment tools will level up your facilities, making it easier to save you time and money at scale.
Superorder is an all-in-one software platform for restaurant chains and groups to drive operational efficiency and profitability in delivery and takeout. Superorder’s AI solutions help restaurant chains and groups to optimize their digital business such as AI-powered chargeback, financial, and performance management tools. Superorder has a robust network with thousands of partner restaurants across 180+ cities.


Beekeeper is transforming the way frontline businesses work. Our frontline success system helps companies ditch paper and manual processes to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance. Empower employees with direct access to the people, processes, and systems they need to do their best work. Companies around the world use Beekeeper to connect their teams, unify their systems and drive their businesses forward.
Citrin Cooperman is proud to be home to one of the leading National franchising practices in the country. With a dedicated franchise practice for over 40 years, Citrin Cooperman’s CFE-accredited professionals have serviced and worked with some of the largest franchise successes, within a vast array of diversified concepts. We work with the owners, operators, controllers, and CFOs of a wide range of franchisors helping them establish their brands and grow their businesses to the next level.
Complete Construction Service (CCS) is a respected name in the Fast Casual and Hospitality Industry. With over a decade of experience, CCS consistently transforms restaurant visions into reality. Our portfolio, featuring national brands like Five Guys, Gus' Famous Fried Chicken, Applebees, and Wingstop, reflects our commitment to excellence. Join us to enhance your fast casual dining venture.
Dentons is designed to be different. As the world's largest law firm with 12,500 professionals in over 160 locations in more than 80 countries, we can help you grow, protect, operate and finance your business. Our polycentric and purpose-driven approach, together with our commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and ESG, ensures we challenge the status quo to stay focused on what matters most to you.
At Doyle HCM, we specialize in empowering successful restaurant chains and quick service restaurants with seamless payroll, HR, and HCM solutions that are fully compliant. Unlike big-box providers, we prioritize human connection over technology, offering a white-glove, personalized service. With us, you'll have a dedicated point of contact, experience fewer payroll errors, and can rely on our compliance solutions, freeing you to focus on what matters most – your business.
For 35+ years, GEMSYS aided franchise restaurant owners in tackling operational hurdles. Our solutions optimize labor utilization, cutting operational costs. In today's climate, where it is a struggle to keep the rising cost of meals inline and to deal with the challenges of lower foot traffic, technological solutions are paramount. Visit us at booth 30 to discover how GEMSYS enables staff to focus on profitable tasks.
Hyperlocology helps franchise brands with custom advertising per location. With dashboards to measure results and business insights for each location, brands create transparency and accountability for franchisees. Brands also empower franchisees to invest in custom advertising across the top channels, in a few clicks. Advertising is brand directed, locally perfected.
Intrepid Direct Insurance is a risk management and insurance provider specializing in the restaurant franchise space. Intrepid Direct works directly with franchise owners, rather than through a broker/agent, which can save up to 20% on insurance premiums. There are no additional finance fees, and we also accept credit cards. Visit us at and see why thousands of restaurant locations have switched to Intrepid Direct.
LiveFlow is a financial management platform that allows you to take control of your finances, track performance by location and get one consolidated view of your franchise units.
MediaDex is a media buying agency. We make our impact by focusing on strategy, buying and reporting remarkable results across all channels. Headquartered in Cincinnati, with offices across the country, MediaDex has been achieving efficient growth for our clients, in more than 150 U.S. markets, for over 25 years. Our mission is to move growing companies to the next level through more affordable, and smarter, media buying decisions. Media moves that matter.
Olo (NYSE: OLO) is a leading open SaaS platform for restaurants that enables hospitality at every guest touchpoint. Over 600 restaurant brands trust Olo to grow their sales, do more with less, and make every guest feel like a regular. Learn more at
Silicon Signs provides free sign code/lease research and site plan design along with a competitive quote to your franchisees in 24 hours. No contracts. No exclusivity. We bet on ourselves. See why Silicon Signs is the preferred national sign vendor for restaurants like Crumbl Cookies, Capriotti’s, Wing Zone, Handel’s Ice Cream, Dirty Dough, and more. Risk-Free, Worry-Free, Turn-Key.
TESSERE is a full-service architectural firm with specialty in planning and design for the multi-build industry. We collaborate with our clients to provide efficient back of house layouts, inspiring dining areas, and stunning exterior design. Services range from prototype design to site-specific buildings and tenant infills.
Trabon is a leading restaurant industry technology solutions and services company that serves more than 80 national restaurant brands spanning QSR/fast casual to fine dining. Since 1975, Trabon has been helping brands organize, manage, and publish their complex menu and marketing content. MenuNet®, Trabon’s menu management and publishing platform, enables location-specific menus and publishing across brand channels and the digital ecosystem.
Unit is the leading embedded finance platform that helps tech companies, store, move, and lend money. Headquartered in New York City and Tel Aviv, Unit is backed by top investors including Insight Partners, Accel, and Better Tomorrow Ventures and serves 160+ customers including AngelList, HoneyBook, and Roofstock.
Vesuvius Games' software allows brands to uniquely integrate menu rewards into casual mobile game environments, driving extraordinarily high user engagement, customer loyalty, and measurable sales. Brands have the flexibility to select activations based on customized date ranges and geographical areas within close proximity to store locations. The software's deep-dive analytics track customer engagement time, menu reward redemptions, and total check size.


Fast Casual is the global online leader for news, analysis, blogs and research in the worldwide fast casual restaurant industry.
Food Truck Operator was launched in 2017 to meet the needs of the thriving food truck industry. The new digital property covers industry trends and news, profiles business owners, and explores the technologies and tools available to help operators grow their businesses.
Pizza Marketplace is the premier online destination for C-level pizza executive leadership seeking cutting-edge intelligence for their multi-unit restaurant concepts.
QSRweb delivers fast-breaking news, features and analysis on the quick-service restaurant industry.
Rewards That Matter brings awareness to consumers of the hundreds of loyalty programs available across markets in restaurants, retail, travel, banking, entertainment and more. The site offers insight on loyalty program news and rewards program updates. Brands can submit their loyalty programs for inclusion on via a convenient online form.

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