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Technology is complex, and transformation is fast. But when it comes to connectivity and communication, AT&T Business has you covered. We combine our leading portfolio with continuous innovation and investment in our networks to give you what you need to move your business forward. With experience across industries, we understand your business demands and deliver highly secure solutions. From 5G to fiber, edge to cloud, we help you tackle todays’ challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities.
At Evocalize, we’re leading the charge to make complex, sophisticated digital marketing push-button easy for franchisees. Our industry-leading technology integrates the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, including generative AI, to give franchisors and enterprises intelligent tools to empower their local teams to get the most from their digital marketing efforts — no matter how much marketing experience they have or what industry they’re in.
Schoox is workplace learning software with a people-first twist. It makes learning and career development easy, accessible, rewarding, and fun, so whatever your learners need to know just “clicks”. For over a decade, Schoox has helped hundreds of restaurants such as Subway, Five Guys, Tropical Smoothie Café and Checkers & Rally’s manage training, track activity, keep team members engaged, and measure results. Deliver training that's as fast and flexible as your service with Schoox.
Creating an end-to-end cloud engagement and transaction platform for the Hospitality sector to drive efficiencies, improve customer experience and create loyalty.
TikTok is THE destination for mobile videos. On TikTok, short-form videos are exciting, spontaneous, and genuine - there’s something for everyone. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, skip what you don’t, and you’ll find an endless stream of short videos that feel personalized just for you. We make it easy for you to discover and create your own original videos by providing easy-to-use tools to view and capture your daily moments. Take your videos to the next level!


Botrista Beverages is an automated craft beverage solution for restaurants and foodservice providers. Botrista’s DrinkBot platform allows operators to subscribe to world-class quality from the leading ingredient manufacturers that they partner with. Botrista enables operators to add a new beverage category to their menu without the operational complexities, and allows operators to increase ticket size and beverage attachment.
HourWork is used by more than 8,500 quick-service restaurants, representing the industry's largest brands. We help franchisees recruit by re-engaging the people they already know - past applicants and former employees. We also help them retain employees by figuring out what matters most to them, through our automated check-ins, so franchisees can build employee loyalty and prevent turnover. Our customers love us because we're easy-to-use, double applicant flow, and improve retention by 30%.
InMarket has spent over a decade building the leading customer intelligence and activation platform that delivers real-time experiences that customers and brands love. We enable today’s leading brands to learn, build, and measure omnichannel marketing programs throughout the customer journey - from impression to visit, all the way purchase. Powered by our unique data and unmatched solutions, the InMarket platform provides a 360° degree view of customers and how they make decisions.
With Leasecake, you can keep all your location-specific assets, such as lease renewals and franchise agreements, organized in one place. Say goodbye to spreadsheet headaches and disconnected systems, and start focusing on what truly matters. Get your obligations and commitments under control with Leasecake today.
Opus helps multi-unit restaurants optimize their labor while positioning themselves as employers of choice. They do that with next-generation training technology that is built for frontline teams. Businesses like Compass Group, Ford's Garage, and Hopdoddy Burger Bar switched to Opus in order create and translate training into 100+ languages automatically and deliver it to employee smart phones via the Opus app. Reduce manager burden. Optimize floor time. Get frontline business intelligence.
Ovation uses a 2-question SMS-based survey as a “digital table touch” that has redefined guest feedback. Through frictionless integrations with online ordering platforms and other tools, Ovation allows restaurants to easily resolve guest concerns in real-time, get more 5-star reviews, discover insights to improve, and drive revenue.
Paerpay enables merchants nationwide to accept contactless payments without altering their payments architecture. No new hardware, changing processors, or downloading apps are required. With Paerpay, guest payments are fast, simple, and contactless. From fully integrated QR Code, text message-based payments, and app-less mobile ordering, Paerpay is helping operators accelerate drive-thru times, increase table turns, and enhance staff efficiency.
With the growing pressures of labor and food costs combined with the weakening demand, PreciTaste’s ready-to-deploy assistants ensure instant labor efficiency and streamline workloads by expediting everyday decisions through software automation. PreciHub is the central platform that houses and delivers the PreciTaste Smart Solutions, allowing restaurants to easily add enhanced functionality. Developed to maximize efficiency, drive profit, and reduce food waste, the largest food chains already apply PreciTaste.
At QikServe, we believe that we have the power to drive digital transformation in hospitality. We achieve this through our unique flexibility, cutting-edge software and the expertise of a team that has spent decades working in hospitality technology. Across our broad customer portfolio, which includes restaurants, theatres, hotels and sports stadiums, our core expertise remains focused: we give guests the convenience to order and pay for their food and drink, whenever and however they want.
Steritech is an industry leader providing best-in-class assessment and consulting services for over 35 years. Steritech helps brands deliver their ideal brand experience every time, everywhere. With the experience gained as a pioneer in the food safety arena, Steritech today strategically guides multi-location businesses. As a trusted partner, Steritech’s 400+ highly-trained, calibrated specialists identify barriers, opportunities, and successes at every location.
SynergySuite helps multi-unit restaurants simplify operations and increase profitability with an easy-to-use restaurant management platform. Save 3-5% on food and labor with all the tools you need to run the back office in one place. Global brands trust our mobile-first software with inventory, purchasing, reporting, operations, food safety, labor and scheduling, cash management, and human resources.
UMI is a full-service marketing solutions partner dedicated to helping multi-unit brands identify ways to streamline their operation and expand their growth potential. With over 20 years of experience, UMI offers unrivaled knowledge of the restaurant industry and expertise in production and fulfillment. Are you looking to scale quickly? Let’s talk!


Bikky is a customer data platform built exclusively for multi-unit restaurants. We aggregate guest data across all in-store and off-premise channels to map the entire customer journey, unlocking critical insights into guest retention, frequency, and lifetime value. Bikky empowers over 60 multi-unit brands with the data they need to make better decisions across their marketing, operations, culinary choices, and the guest experience.
Chatmeter is the only reputation management and brand intelligence company to combine AI-powered deep listening with real-time CX agility to drive customer loyalty and growth for multi-location enterprises. Powering success for thousands of global brands, Chatmeter simplifies CX management, improves reputation scores, and delivers unmatched brand intelligence at both the local and enterprise level.
Paradox has built the hiring platform trusted by franchises to find, hire, and onboard workers fast. Powered by the AI assistant, Olivia, the hiring process is automated to enhance the candidate experience through two-way texting, self-serve interview scheduling, and onboarding to help businesses maintain staffing levels.
Upside is a retail technology that puts restaurants in front of thousands of customers they've never seen, and serves those customers compelling, margin-bound incentives that change their buying behavior. Without any IT work, retailers offset rising costs and maximize net profit with new customers and repeat visits.


Auxis partners with leading Restaurant Brands to implement a Virtual Audit Platform for their store visits across the world by leveraging its Global Customer Experience Center of Excellence in Costa Rica. Auxis is able to bring highly trained brand coaches to support store operators in their native language, 4-6 times per year, at a fraction of the cost. With greater visibility & coaching, brands can improve operator confidence, enhance the client experience & increase store profitability.
Through intelligent solutions for the middle of the house, Kitchen Brains has navigated from the analog era to IoT solutions through the lens of the commercial kitchen. KitchenEssential, the complete line of IoT-ready appliance controllers that control, monitor, and alert for both hot and cold applications that facilitate integration into a data driven world. KitchenKorrect IoT solutions optimize food production and focus on margin control and meeting the corporate brand promise.
OfOne is an automated order taker for quick-service restaurant drive-thrus. Our AI pleasantly handles customer orders while strategically upselling. We help operators save money on labor and give franchisors better tools to monetize and engage customers. We currently have signed & deployed pilots at major national chain stores.
Payactiv, an award-winning certified B-Corp, is the leading provider of Earned Wage Access. We offer a suite of financial wellness services that empower people to participate in the economy they helped create. Our platform and digital wallet serve over 2000 businesses, and we level the playing field for millions of workers who struggle with cash flow between paychecks. In recognition of our innovative and effective approach to financial wellness, Payactiv has received numerous awards.
Restaurant franchisors partner with Vya to advance what their marketing operation can do. Vya brings data intelligence together with sophisticated marketing customization, delivery, and production systems. Our marketing portal, powered by Vya data, enables adjustable menu pricing, simplified LTO distribution, access to customizable marketing materials, and more to engage franchisees and achieve greater results.
Reduce interview no-shows, automate hiring follow-ups, and digitize onboarding paperwork with Workstream, the platform for hiring and retaining the hourly workforce.


Atmosphere is the leading streaming TV platform for businesses and enables venue operators to elevate their space, operate with ease, and improve their bottom line. The award-winning content spans 60+ channels for all audiences, including viral videos with Chive TV and a suite of news channels including News, Sports, and Entertainment, all programmed for out-of-home viewing and able to be viewed on their own or incorporated into a playlist of varied content.
Fidel API is a global financial infrastructure platform that enables developers to build programmable experiences connected with real-time payment events from a user’s card. Startups through global enterprises, including Google, British Airways and the Royal Bank of Canada, are leveraging Fidel API’s tools to power a range of solutions including customer attribution, loyalty and rewards, expense management and personal financial management. Launched in 2018, Fidel API is headquartered in London.
Fobesoft is a tool that shows a restaurant their full P&L every day of the month compared to a custom budget running month to date. No waiting until the month ends to know if you made money. Three quick entries a day that can all be seamlessly integrated and you will increase profits by 20% to 40%.
Hyperlocology helps franchise brands with custom advertising per location. With dashboards to measure results and business insights for each location, brands create transparency and accountability for franchisees. Brands also empower franchisees to invest in custom advertising across the top channels, in a few clicks. Advertising is brand directed, locally perfected.
Netspend® is a leading provider in payments and payroll products. Netspend’s business solutions provide companies with prepaid cards, Paycard programs, Netspend Earned Wage Access and Tip Solutions. Netspend Earned Wage Access enables your company to offer employees options to attract and retain talent. Whether reducing paper checks or streamlining the tip out process, Netspend offers solutions beneficial to employees, customers, and partners.
Demand Intelligence for a Dynamic World. Smarter demand forecasting models at scale start here. Discover what causes your anomalies with PredictHQ’s API. Our systems aggregate and verify millions of demand causal factors and ranks them by predicted impact so your team makes better decisions faster.
Qubriux, is a plug-and-play integrated marketing platform for restaurants. It helps you segment your customers, create intent-based promotions and send emails and SMS from pre-built templates in one easy-to-use platform. Our clients range from Fortune 500 organizations to budding restaurants, and offline and online retail stores.
Restaurant365 is the industry’s leading all-in-one, cloud-based accounting, inventory, scheduling, payroll, and HR solution developed specifically for restaurants. R365's restaurant enterprise management software simplifies day-to-day management for operators, allowing them to control food costs and optimize labor. Integrations and open APIs enable Restaurant365 to connect with other systems including POS providers, vendors, and banks.


Citrin Cooperman is proud to be home to one of the leading National franchising practices in the country. With a dedicated franchise practice for over 40 years, Citrin Cooperman’s CFE-accredited professionals have serviced and worked with some of the largest franchise successes, within a vast array of diversified concepts. We work with the owners, operators, controllers, and CFOs of a wide range of franchisors helping them establish their brands and grow their businesses to the next level.
The world’s leading provider of a patented IoT based system for food safety compliance and Operations. Captures reliable temperature data and eliminates human error in checklist completion. Ensures compliance with HACCP standards and SOP. Provides Real-time notifications when temperatures are out of specification. Quickly identifies operational deficiencies and provides data to make evidence-based decisions.
Increase sales, save time, decrease errors and deliver better with Otter. An all-in-one solution helps you take control of your delivery data across platforms by aggregating delivery and online channels in one tablet or in an integrated POS. Integrations with hundreds of online and delivery ordering platforms and restaurant tech tools enable unparalleled order aggregation, automation, and data reporting in Otter: ensuring restaurants succeed in an omnichannel world by increasing sales and efficiencies.
PepsiCo Foodservice leverages the best of PepsiCo to drive what is next with food and beverage experiences. We strive to build a competitive advantage for our customers with proprietary consumer insights, best-in-class service and equipment, world-class marketing, and an unparalleled portfolio led by Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, Lipton Iced Tea, Aquafina, Lay’s, Doritos, Gatorade, Quaker, and Tropicana.
rbb is a top 100 communications agency with deep experience crafting award-winning PR, digital and creative campaigns that help new and established franchisors and other industry leading companies thrive. We champion Breakout Brands like Primrose Schools, Burgerfi, Scenthound, Hilton, Bank of America and DHL with strategy, innovation and proprietary research to provide actionable insights that create emotional connections, inspire customer passion and deliver desired results.
Too Good To Go is helping to connect businesses and customers in a truly novel way. Surplus food is inevitable in the food world, and we enable businesses to turn that surplus food into a marketing asset - enabling customers to purchase any surplus food in "Surprise Bags" through the Too Good To Go app. Our platform is a simple way to engage customers and employees, reduce costs and increase margins, and help the planet at the same time.
USI has served over 500,000 clients meeting their property & casualty, employee benefit, personal risk and retirement needs nationwide. We have more than 150 years of consulting and brokerage experience through our acquired agencies, with local offices dating back in their communities as far as the late 1800s. USI combines industry leading national capabilities delivered through longstanding, passionate and committed local service teams.


CardFree is the original full-stack digital commerce platform founded 10+ years ago, providing restaurants with a suite of ordering, pay, and loyalty solutions to support both on-premise and off-premise use cases through guest interfaces (app, web, and kiosk) and staff-facing hardware (mobile EMV, tablets).
Enhance the guest experience with our platform that combines branded online ordering and white-label restaurant apps with customizable loyalty, a data-driven marketing suite, automated CDP/analytics, gift cards, machine learning upsells, and AI guest journey management to give you a powerful system to build relationships with your guests–– all while seamlessly integrating with top POS providers, payment processors, and delivery services.
PathSpot is the leading health and safety operating system for smart restaurants, and anywhere food is prepared or served. PathSpot SafetySuite modernizes outdated procedures and consists of patented health and safety solutions that have made them the premier provider of intelligent tools, delivering clear results through a remote and in-store 24/7 data dashboard and monitoring system. PathSpot was founded in 2017 by biomedical engineers Christine Schindler and Dutch Waanders.


Fast Casual is the global online leader for news, analysis, blogs and research in the worldwide fast casual restaurant industry.
Food Truck Operator was launched in 2017 to meet the needs of the thriving food truck industry. The new digital property covers industry trends and news, profiles business owners, and explores the technologies and tools available to help operators grow their businesses.
The Interactive Customer Experience Association’s mission is to connect B2C brands to technology that elevates the customer experience.
Pizza Marketplace is the premier online destination for C-level pizza executive leadership seeking cutting-edge intelligence for their multi-unit restaurant concepts.
QSRweb delivers fast-breaking news, features and analysis on the quick-service restaurant industry.

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