Testimonials from the 2017 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit that took place on March 28-30 in Dallas. Executives interviewed include: Katie Furhman, MomentFeed; Kimberly Brastad, Keith Hill, I Love Bacon; Jamal Bara, Waterfall; Demetra McLain, DW’s Subs; Jacquelyn Cirko, Groupon.

Testimonials from the 2017 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit that took place on 18-20 July in London. Executives interviewed include: Tommi Tervanen, Koti Pizza; Bill DiPaola, Dat Dog; Graham Veal, Welbilt; Shane Chorley, Chorley’s; Paul Farrow, SICOM.

Definitely one of the more impressive conferences I have attended. I enjoyed speaking and overall had a great experience.


Keith Peterson, VERTS Mediterranean Grill
2017 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

It was great, fantastic and well thought out. Great speakers and great panels. I have really enjoyed it.


Rafik Farouk, Consolidated Restaurant Operations, Inc.
2017 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

As sponsors, we really appreciate all the hard work your team put into this event. The conference was great and we were very happy with all the people we met.


Barbara Safina, Cockrell Enovation
2017 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

I love the opportunity to network with other people that are doing marketing for restaurants. And the fact that this focused on franchise brands, made it that much better for me to connect with people that are struggling with the same things that I am.


Linda Veatch, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop
2016 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

I really enjoyed both the opening and closing speakers. Both were excellent presenters and so well versed in their field.


Liz Bazner, A&W Restaurants
2016 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

It’s the intimate conversations that you have with brands. So the fact that it was a small enough conference that we probably got to talk to everyone in the room over the course of the last two days. So it’s an amazing time.


Matt Silk, Waterfall
2016 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

It’s relevant. It was highly interactive and engaging. I didn’t feel like I was inundated with vendors trying to sell me things. Instead, it was a lot more about knowledge sharing and thought leadership, which I really appreciated. I really enjoyed it. I would definitely come back and I would recommend it.


Kimberly Brastad, Dairy Queen
2017 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

We had a great time at the Summit in London. Interesting panel discussion, good networking – we will attend the next Summit for sure!


Alexander Platzl, Pizza Mann
2017 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

There were enough people where you had a chance to chat with everybody. You could have legitimate conversations and weren’t just running around the room.


Jamal Bara, Waterfall
2017 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

Whether you’re coming from a big brand or a small brand, we’re all facing those same challenges…How to harness social media. How to protect your brand. How to grow your brand. I really felt like there was a wonderful mix of both big and small here and we could all learn from each other, which was terrific.


Barry Westrum, Dairy Queen
2016 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

Everyone was able to talk, connect and really learn from each other. It was very open dialogue. Smooth format. The sessions broke out perfectly where we had nice breaks in between so we could catch up on work, do what we had to do. But also really take in all the information, network and meet the people that are here.


Ben Ross, Muscle Maker Grill
2016 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

What a great conference and time to meet other awesome leaders in the business and share ideas and strategy that will make us all more successful. Looking forward to 2018!


— Bobby Shaw, Shaw Consulting
2017 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

The conference has been absolutely amazing. It’s been really incredible to see completely different companies across the entire U.S. — even international as well — talk about how they built their companies, how they’re engaging with their customers and hearing all different ends of the spectrum. We’d love to come back.


Katie Fuhrman, MomentFeed
2017 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

I think that conferences tend to be very general and then you have to go apply it. But this is one that I’m taking a few more concrete pieces. So actual pieces of software that I want to use and test and new strategies and a ton of great contacts.


Laura Sporrer, HuHot Mongolian Grill
2016 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

The show was very successful for us.


Spencer McCluskey, Square
2016 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

We came here and we made some new relationships. But we also interacted with some of our very good customers. Maybe we spoke to somebody that we had known previously, but we had a different type of conversation or maybe we got to know somebody else inside that organization. So even if we are doing business with them, there was value in getting to know some of their other functional leaders.


Dennis O’Toole, Manitowoc Foodservice
2016 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit