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PODCAST: Squaring the square: White Castle VP tells how brand develops new slider spin-offs

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Keeping a century-old burger chain fresh and new is a challenge that the privately owned White Castle chain has mastered primarily through its spin-offs of the famous Slider. White Castle Vice President Jamie Richardson lets us in on how the brand innovates on that original square of beef-on-a-bun to extend the chain’s reach in grocery stores, drive-thru lanes and delivery vehicles nationwide.

But first, Blockchain Tech News Editor Bradley Cooper takes us into the world of the “digital ledger” to learn how restaurant brands are improving everything from supply chain security and management, to virtual currency acceptance and other payment options, all through the use of blockchain. Best of all, Cooper does a great job of breaking down this sometimes-perplexing technology into terms that will make blockchain’s uses more tangible to restaurant operators.

Republished with permission from QSRweb.

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